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It spreads. In the 17 years we have lived with the stuff, we have yet to see one panda. Once planted, it is very difficult to remove. Be careful.

Kelly Powers

Nooooo! Someone planted bamboo in our backyard over 15 years ago, and its spread is ridiculous. It's growing even in our shed. We can barely keep it out the vegetable grden, even though the original planting is many yards away. Plus, our neighbors are less than thrilled with the bamboo now invading their yards.

A Texan

Good news! Follow this link to discover "clump bamboo" that doesn't spread.


I have some experience growing bamboo, and have some advice:

Pandas, while excellent at negotiating busy metropolitan areas, are surprising unfamiliar with elevators. They will likely use their cell phones to call you, once at your building, and ask which floor you're on. If this happens, lie to them about which floor you're on.

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