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Awesome! I'll tell you what, that's EXACTLY what I'm talking about!

What's the 5th expression? Or is that a "whole nother" post? <---- my least favorite expression

Antoine Wilson

The [insert name of inanimate object here] Whisperer

steve t

Here's what drives me crazy:
People who can't simply be polite when you say "thanks", say as a clerk has just handed you your change. You say "Thanks", and they say "uh-huh." Even worse, I know a guy who always follows up a "Thanks" with "No worries."
Sheesh, just say "you're welcome."
Or how about this one:
You say thanks, and the person says in response, "Have a good one."


What drives me nuts is when I express concern with something, the way a package is wrapped, and the person responsible for making sure it is done properly, says, "No worries." I would really prefer that they explain to me why it will be handled the way they promise. "No worries" just makes me worry.


You are right, these all are goofy expressions, always stated by insincere people, as well as,"No problem". This, and the worst of all, "No worries", are said to make the other person feel inferior, as if they thought there were worries. It is a power play and a guilt trip. Also, I cannot stand, "My bad", "Back in the Day" (not too bad, though),"You the bomb.


Just heard an athlete interviewed on TV for five minutes, and he said "it is what it is" at least three times. How about a moratorium on that expression?

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