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I second the recommendation of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. It's absolutely wonderful, as is the book (although there are some details that set the two apart so that they complement each other).

Cheers from Mississippi

Steve Clackson

I liked Syriana but I found it to be a bit muddled, then it turns out the director planned it that way saying the oil business is complex and unclear on many levels.


It's Kevin Dillon, Matt's brother, in Entourage. I also loved Parrots of Telegraph Hill. They just got married!

A Fan

It's absolutely ridiculous and self-indulgent, but watch (and listen closely to) TEAM AMERICA. The opening scene is priceless, and the lyrics to the theme song will get into your head and stay there for weeks. "America! America! F@#* yeah! Comin' to save, the motherf@#*in' day yeah!..."


I don't know how you feel about TV, but House Season two will be out soon and let's face it, we ALL wish we could call people idiots like House does...

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