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Jane Hirshfield

I've come to agree. I used to put the acknowledgments page in the front of my books, as that's what I was used to seeing--but for my new book, I put it in the back--it just seemed ridiculous to clutter the front of the book with information, when the real point is the book itself.


My pet peeve is when author's photos are displayed too prominently; somehow, seeing the writer's face before I'm done reading disturbs the suspension of disbelief for me. I guess I prefer to believe that a good book erupted from the earth fully formed, rather than knowing it came from a fallible human being.

Ellen Meister

It breaks my heart a little to see the acknowledgments at the back of a book. It strikes me as dismissive.

Given my druthers, I'll always put my acknowledgments up front so the people who helped me know how much they matter.


My book pet peeve is when the back covers of trade paperbacks don't offer a description but just have review excerpts, which most of the time don't really give you a good idea of what the book's actually about. I'd like to know who thought that up and give them a good wallop.

Lisa Scottoline

Agree! It's a thank-you and belongs at the end. It seems self-indulgent at the beginning and not about the reader. Love, L

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