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I recently started watching Gilmore Girls, and love the dialog. I will be on the lookout for the DVDs of the early seasons.

For fast-talkin', smart TV, check out the new show called Love Monkey. The humour is subtle but *very* funny.


Hey Carl-

My wife and I are on Season 5 Disc 1 and agree with you. By the way, it only gets better.

Out of curiosity, to which episode are you referring?


Just watch for all of the book and reading references--- more than in any TV show I've ever seen.


Talk about an unrealistic show.The daughter is a whiny college student from a priveleged background despite what anyone says. Hello weathy grandparents! Why don't they have episodes where Rory faces the real world, like get a job and deal with people outside her quaint little town.


You make a good point. I almost hesitated as I was about to post my blog, for the very reason you state. But as a middle-class kid with a major chip on his shoulder about the wealthy, I see this part of the show as the counterpoint to the girls' desire to live a normal life away from the money. And the 3rd episode of Season 3 has a hilarious send-up of Harvard pomposity. Having said all this, I would like a few more $ and wished I went to Harvard...some days.


I heard somewhere -- maybe on one of the DVD extras? -- that their average script is half again as many pages as the average hour long drama, and yet the actors speak fast enough to get all that dialog in!

I will grant Linda her point about its lack of reality, but it's a faux reality I can support, for the most part ... :)

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