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I have a palm pilot and an ipod. I have a few free classics on the palm, plus one Dan Brown that I haven't read... just in case. On the ipod, I had one audiobook, but now I just have movies, etc.

I NEVER GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT A BOOK. It drives my family crazy, but I am never at loose ends!


I never go anywhere without a book.
And for a plane ride never without several books!
For a 16 hr flight I would have had at least 10 books in my carry on, especially since I am not a movie watcher.
Most have been the longest plane ever!


As I always carry more than one book with me, this would not be and issue!


I'm getting ready to leave on a medical mission to St. Lucia. It takes 2 days going and coming as well as being there 3 weeks. I've been trying to figure out how many books to take. Hadn't thought about hand held electronics.
Thanks, Val

Betty Hodges

My daughter, a librarian, was flying to a conference with a colleague when her flight was delayed and she finished the book she'd brought. Stricken, she turned to her colleague, who calmly tore the paperback she was reading in half and handed my daughter the first half. The automatic response was that of a true reader. Betty Hodges,

Kym L

I'd jump!

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