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Len Vlahos

Carl, you are a REALLY smart man. BUT... you're coming down on the side of the DH???? Puh-lease! It reduces baseball to a ridiculous slug fest. Where's the nuance? Where's strategy? What's the point of the manager? Sorry my friend, the DH has been terrible for baseball. (Plus, it adds to the emphasis on HRs, and that has fueled the use of, well, fuel. If you know what I mean.O

PS -- With the US out, I have to root for the underdog.. Go Ghana!


I was just thinking the other day that the NL should adopt the DH. As a Boston fan (go Papi!) who was introduced to baseball after the DH rule was implemented, I've never had a problem with it; and, in fact, I find it almost excruciating to watch NL v NL games. Borrrrring. Heresy, I know.


As something of a purist, I do like the DH anyway. Of course I've lived in an American League city nigh on thirty years, so maybe I'm used to it. But unless we're talking about Drysdale,Newcombe or Spahn,all pretty good hitting pitchers once upon a time, I have no interest in watching pitchers bat. At to interleague play, well, my mighty Mariners are 8-1 so far in interleague play,so I guess I'm just fine with it.


Len, I half wrote this because I really do hate watching pitchers hit, but half because I knew you'd write in. You are more of a thoughtful baseball observer, and your point on the effect on baseball is interesting. And, yes, I believe 2 pitchers have hit home runs in the last week or so. Benson against the Mets, and Traschel for. Still, it's painful to watch most of them bat, or, maybe, I see myself flailing away in Little League and that's what this is all about?


I'm with Len.

When I am Supreme Ruler of the Universe, one of my first tasks will be to eliminate the DH.

Go England!

steve turnbull

Re: The PCness of the Reds v. the Braves. Actually, the Reds name came from their uniforms. It wasn't their very first name, but when the Reds adopted red pants as part of their uniforms they became the Red Stockings. Later they changed the name to Red Legs, then eventually shortened it to Reds. I don't think there was a Native American connotation to it historically.

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