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Groove Tube? Yes! Ken Shapiro.Chevy Chase before SNL.Oddly I saw this movie in the theatre on a double-bill with 2001:A Space Odyssey.Wow, speaking of flashbacks.


How funny - I heard this song on the radio coming home this afternoon (sadly, I am XM-less, so it was just regular radio). That song always reminds me of the movie 'Outside Providence'.


Man, the Groove Tube...what a fine movie, even with dated humor and some sketches that go on too long. Really, SNL learned a lot of lessons from that movie--the anchorman even said "Have a pleasant tomorrow" on the news sketch. And Richard Belzer, way back when. The theater scene in "The Dealers" is sheer genius--a single shot, must have been hell to film.

On the musical front, I should point out that The Jam did a great cover of "Move On Up," during their Motown phase. But if you want to talk long songs, you gotta go with Hoboken's Finest, Yo La Tengo. Nine minutes of "Blue Line Swinger" is pure heaven, and even seventeen and a half minutes of "Night Falls on Hoboken" go by quickly. Oh, and on their most recent CD, they even do a cover of "Roundabout."

Joe Drabyak

Good lord! I have to stop reading Carl's blog. I'll never get anything done. Carl mentions the GROOVE TUBE and I get stuck in a timewrap. I think that I have some kind of record for seeing the GROOVE TUBE more times than anybody on the planet. Back in a previous career as the activities director at a Pennsylvania university, I ran the movie eight times-a-day over a period of several semesters. We had a student lounge next to my office wired with four video monitors and the movie would run near continuously in that area. This was back in the days of those bulky SONY half-inch, reel-to-reel,helican-scan tapes well before video cassettes and DVD recordings. My job was to cue-up each tape, monitor its progress, and switch to the second reel at the appropriate time. Next to my desk I had two VCRs, a small rack of three video monitors, and a signal switcher. That movie seemingly played in the background of my career as a collegiate administrator for years. I think I stopped counting after a thousand screeings! What a fine movie! It still makes me laugh. Who could forget that festive 4th of July cake on the cooking segment!

Incidentally, the hitchhiker in the opening sequence is composer, folk-rock hero, and veteran of the coffehouse circuit, BUZZY LINHART. Buzzy is a truly great performer and songwriter in his own right, most noted for having written "Friends," a song that became the signature song and the first mega hit for Bette Midler. Buzzy also played with Hendrix and other musical luminaries. If you have a chance, seek out his recordings, particularly A PUSSYCAT CAN GO FAR. And if you can, listen to the achingly beautiful cut, TELL ME TRUE.

Yes, I remember the GROOVE TUBE! I also had the pleasure of producing a couple of concerts with Buzzy Linhart and with Richard Belzer, and I always thought that it was pretty cool to discuss the movie with two of its cast members. Nice memories!


Joe! You and I had similar college soundtracks. I worked in a coffehouse where we played Groove Tube 3x nightly. Loved the 4th of July cake, which the expressive hands. The clown asking the adults to leave the room so he could read Story of O! (Was it that?) And I didn't know that was Buzzy Linhart!

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