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Wyn Morris

You're right about Leon Russell writing the song. I also have a soft spot for the Carpenters, who had a hit with the same song. Found some great info on Wikipedia

"A Song for You" is a 1970 song written and originally performed by rock singer/songwriter Leon Russell. A slow, pained plea for forgiveness from an estranged lover, the tune was one of Russell's best-known songs. Later in the 1970s, soul singer Donny Hathaway and rock group The Carpenters recorded cover versions that eventually eclipsed the original in popularity. Although it is a cover, Hathaway's 1971 recording of "A Song for You" is today considered one of Hathaway's signature songs, and is among one of the most important soul recordings of the 1970s. Among the other performers to cover the record were The Temptations, who included their cover on their 1975 A Song for You album. Music legend Ray Charles also released his own version of this song. Musician Ben Barnett of the band Kind of Like Spitting recorded a cover of this song in 2005. Michael Buble has also recorded a cover of this song on his album It's Time. Willie Nelson recorded a cover of the song on his 1973 album "Shotgun Willie." He also performed it in his movie "Honeysuckle Rose," and it appears on the movie's soundtrack. Natalie Cole did a cover version in 1999 on the album Snowfall on the Sahara. The latest version in 2005 is a duet of sorts between Herbie Hancock and Christina Aguilera.

More than you needed to know?!


I KNOW! Last night was the first time Elliot actually endeared himself to me, and made me consider whether he might actually have a chance in hell of going all the way.
On the other hand, Kelli makes me want to shove needles into my ears. Her performance was painful, and that dumb-as-a-rock shtick (which I fear is not an act) is groan-worthy.
And now I sadly realize I've written two full paragraphs about American Idol, testimony to my abject addiction.

steve turnbull

Two of my favorite albums--Leon Live(songs played so rockin fast you won't recognize them unless you're a fan...oh THAT was Quinn the Eskimo?) and Mad Dogs and Englishmen(Joe Cocker, featuring Leon as bandleader, Rita Coolidge as the original Delta Lady). Whatever happened to double live albums?


Rita Coolidge. Bestill my heart.

Joe Drabyak

I have to confess that watching AMERICAN IDOL is one of my guilty pleasures. I particularly like the early segments when we have a parade of the tone-deaf and the talentless who just can't fathom why they have failed in making the cut. I'm a little worried that we have created a generation of kids who are both delusional and have a bad sense of entitlement. And I too cringe when the true composer of the tune is uncredited. It also makes me feel damn old when I remember the original songwriter and recording.

Too bad that we don't have an AMERICAN IDOL style competition for young and aspiring writers. That would be pretty neat! Just imagine if the contestants had to write something each week in a particular style. Let's say that they had to write a short horror piece and we could have Stephen King in as the celebrity mentor. The contestant that failed to scare the bejesus out of the audience would be the one eliminated. The next week the contestants would have to write a short humorous piece and we could have Dave Barry or Christopher Moore in as the celebrity mentor. It could be a make Simon laugh sort-of-thing. The next week might be poetry. Each contestant would have to write pithy HAIKU and Robert Pinsky could be the celebrity mentor. How about a week of travel essays with Bill Bryson or Pico Iyer guiding our young contestants? The contestants could even do some writing with a regional feel to replace the Country-and-Western night. Great southern writers, anyone!?! And maybe for that fifties theme we could have the contestants rewrite some part of a great novel that came out of that era. I'm thinking CATCHER IN THE RYE. Maybe we could coax J.D. Salinger to make an appearance. Now that would be a Nielsen rating bonanza! And after the winner is selected, the twelve finalists could go on a national reading-and-signing tour. Now that would be some fun!

Make it happen Carl!

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